Film-faced Plywood

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  • Name: Film-faced Plywood, Melamine Formaldehyde Glue.


    Use for: Framework at huge building sites, large floor areas, high quality sites which require many times of framework uses.


    Size: Thickness 17 mm x 1.220 (W) x 2.440 mm (L).



      • Glue: Melamine Formaldehyde. According to tests at our lab, this product is remained when boiled in 100 degree Celsius boiling water more than 10 hrs continuously.
      • Lamination film: supplied by AICA company which is the best quality in market. AICA is the biggest chemical manufacturer in Asia (website: We’ve never used low quality film from unknown Chinese suppliers.


    Our customers who have been using film-faced plywood:

    • An Phong Construction Company Limited.
    • Construction JS Company No. 5.
    • Loc Son Construction Company Limited.
    • Nam Sai Gon Construction Company Limited.


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